Self-esteem and confidence are popular research topics when it comes to teen mental health. This is because almost every teenager goes through a phase where they struggle with aspects of themselves and with challenges like self-doubt and low self-esteem.

These feelings are often rooted in a lack of confidence and can be overcome through self-improvement and building resilience – however, that is no easy feat.

If you’re looking to build more confidence, we can help! Read on to learn the most effective tips to build teen confidence.

Develop Positive Self Talk

Your negative thought patterns and inner monologue play a major role in defining how you feel about yourself. If you automatically start thinking you’re a failure or you’re bad at something at a setback, it could lead to more feelings of negativity and self-doubt.

Teach yourself how to have healthy self-talk. Every time you find yourself thinking something negative, replace it with a positive and healthy thought.

Learn to reframe irrational thoughts, and you’ll slowly learn how detrimental these negative thought patterns can actually be.

Practice Self-Care

white sheets on a bed

One of the most important things many teens overlook is developing self-care habits. Self-care can help you become more confident and develop a positive attitude about yourself. Make sure to take some time out for yourself and work on your physical, spiritual, and mental health. If you ignore these aspects, it’s possible you could become nervous, irritable, and lose concentration.

It can be quite difficult to deal with all the challenges that you come across in teen life, and this is why it’s essential to prioritize yourself and indulge in self-care rituals.

Try New Opportunities

Discovering new talents, trying new activities, and preparing yourself for new challenges can really impact your confidence. Don’t be afraid of failing. Instead, learn and practice certain skills. You can even find a part-time job or do volunteer work to find new friendships and feel more confident and secure.

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