The kids are not alright.

Teenagers across the world and in the US are now reporting more mental issues than ever. While some mental health concerns among teens are short-lived, many others quickly develop into disorders. Currently, official estimates suggest that nearly half of all US adolescents suffer from mental disorders. That number should alarm parents everywhere. As a parent and an inspirational life coach for teens, it is important for you to understand what causes mental health problems in teenagers.

Let’s explore the most common causes.

Common Mental Health Problems Among Teens

As the worldwide focus on de-stigmatizing mental illnesses grows, teenagers become more likely to report their mental problems to professionals. This has made it easier for authorities to compile official mental health statistics. Such statistics show that the most common mental health disorders among teens are related to anxiety, depression, attention-deficit hyperactivity, and food consumption.

Anxiety disorders include social anxiety, persistent panic, specific phobias, and separation anxiety. Eating disorders are characterized by binge eating, food-avoidant behaviors, fear of gaining weight, and other factors. They are most common among teen girls.

Common Causes of Mental Distress in Teens

There is a wide range of factors that can cause mental health problems in teenagers. Teenagers are highly vulnerable to mental distress due to the intensity of their adolescent life. Factors like social pressures, familial expectations, negative family environment, and loss of friends can significantly hurt a teenager’s mental well-being.

Many teenagers navigating unhealthy relationships and major stressful life events can develop traits of mental illnesses. The most common causes of mental disorders in teens include childhood trauma, substance abuse, and mistreatment & neglect. Many teens also inherit mental disorders from their parents.

How to Help Teens Manage Their Mental Problems

Parents can help their teenagers by identifying signs of mental distress early. Most teenagers are not good at hiding the fact that they are struggling, so pay attention to their behaviors. You can conduct research about mental disorders in teens and look for professional guidance online. Remember to regularly check in with your teen and directly ask them how they are doing mentally.

Another great way to motivate your teen to share their feelings and overcome negative emotions is to book a life coach for them. Oftentimes, teens don’t feel comfortable sharing their thoughts with their parents. So, hire a teen coach or professional therapist to talk to your child instead.

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