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Jesse LeBeau

Jesse LeBeau is one of today’s most highly sought-after youth motivational speakers, authors, and motivators. He helps kids and their parents navigate through the loneliness epidemic that’s taking over in the wake of social media by strengthening their sense of self to find their tribe in and outside of school and create healthier, happier connections with the people around them. His unlikely underdog story has inspired millions of teens through his speaking, best-selling books, and inspirational youth programs. He is one of the world’s premiere basketball trick artists and is regularly featured on TV, film, and international tours. Jesse’s new reality series ‘The LeBeau Show’ allows viewers the chance to follow him around the country and see firsthand the major impact he is having on youth, particularly teens who are struggling. In 2017, he started The Attitude Advantage Program as a resource for young people to have ongoing support throughout their difficult teenage years particularly targeting the area of self-esteem, confidence, and mental health.

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Coaching today’s young people. Ending the loneliness epidemic.

If there’s one thing that the recent social media boom is responsible for above all else, it’s an epidemic of loneliness that’s seeping into our schools, homes, and every facet of our children’s lives. With more and more preteens and teens struggling to build relationships in school, there’s nothing more important than learning how to TEAM UP to make those invaluable connections. Jesse LeBeau is on a mission to end this loneliness epidemic by teaching young people how to identify what they want to be a part of and finding the tribe that will allow them to be themselves to the fullest.

Whether it’s joining a new club or sport, or even a social group outside of school, Jesse helps kids shake off that feeling of non-belonging by building their confidence in focusing on themselves and what they want out of their relationships instead of the other way around. Without the pressure of fitting in or trying to find people willing to accept them, your kids will be able to tap into what drives and excites them in this phase of their lives, and you will be able to guide them to find the community that will foster that passion. By learning how to team up with others, your kids will grow in confidence, and maturity, and have the ability to facilitate stronger and healthier relationships as they grow into adults…all while doing what’s most important in these teenage years: having fun and being kids.

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Another amazing experience in the books! Thank you Juneau, Alaska for having me... #Attitudeiseverything #DrLeBeau
Thanks for having me Arizona! It’s been a great experience bein… #Attitudeiseverything #DrLeBeau
Thanks for having me Arizona! It’s been a great experience bein… #Attitudeiseverything #DrLeBeau
These kids are the best! I hope I got through to them… #Attitudeiseverything