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Jesse LeBeau

Jesse LeBeau is one of today’s most highly sought-after youth motivational speakers, authors, and motivators. His unlikely underdog story has inspired millions of teens through his speaking, best-selling books, and inspirational youth programs. He is one of the world’s premiere basketball trick artists and is regularly featured on TV, film, and international tours.  Jesse’s new reality series ‘The LeBeau Show’ allows viewers the chance to follow him around the country and see firsthand the major impact he is having on youth, particularly teens who are struggling. In 2017, he started THE ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING FOUNDATION as a resource for young people to have ongoing support throughout their difficult teenage years particularly targeting the area of self-esteem, confidence, and mental health.

Jesse LeBeau knows how people can get caught in cycles of toxic negativity that could hold them back from achieving their personal goals. This is especially the case for teenagers because of the cut-throat competition. This is why Jesse LeBeau combines humor, heartfelt inspiration, and highly practical strategies to help teenagers find the motivation to become more confident and an improved version of themselves.

Being the kid who was looked down on his entire life, Jesse LeBeau struggled as a teenager to prove himself in the world. Many teenagers going through a similar situation might be able to relate to his life story and learn important life lessons about how to navigate these kinds of situations and take complete ownership of their lives. Today, Jesse LeBeau is one of the leading teen confidence-boosting speakers who has helped millions of teenagers overcome various mental health challenges and turn their weaknesses into strengths.

If you’re looking for inspiration, book this teen motivational speaker today and seek inspiration from the best.

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Another amazing experience in the books! Thank you Juneau, Alaska for having me... #Attitudeiseverything #DrLeBeau
Thanks for having me Arizona! It’s been a great experience bein… #Attitudeiseverything #DrLeBeau
Thanks for having me Arizona! It’s been a great experience bein… #Attitudeiseverything #DrLeBeau
These kids are the best! I hope I got through to them… #Attitudeiseverything