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“I’m here to help people team up so they can live the best version of their life.”

Jesse LeBeau knows how people can get caught in cycles of toxic negativity that could hold them back from achieving their personal goals. This is especially the case for teenagers because of the cut-throat competition. Young people need a safe and simple way to understand how much power they have over their own lives, and how to reconnect with themselves and listen to what they want to more confidently find the tribes they belong to and move forward with higher self-esteem and a happier existence. This is why Jesse LeBeau combines humor, heartfelt inspiration, and highly practical strategies to help teenagers find the motivation to become more confident and an improved version of themselves and strengthen their sense of self to find their tribe.

Being the kid who was looked down on his entire life, Jesse LeBeau struggled as a teenager to prove himself in the world. Many teenagers going through a similar situation might be able to relate to his life story and learn important life lessons about how to navigate these kinds of situations and take complete ownership of their lives. Today, Jesse LeBeau is one of the leading teen confidence-boosting speakers who has helped millions of teenagers overcome various mental health challenges and turn their weaknesses into strengths.

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How it all came to be

My name is Jesse and I want to be completely transparent with you. My whole life I’ve been overlooked and underestimated, and I always felt like I had to prove myself. I’ll be honest it didn’t always make for a lot of fun growing up, but looking back at it now I couldn’t be more thankful that I was an underdog.

It taught me the importance of hard work, to believe in myself, and how to take complete ownership for my life. I learned how to go from the victim to the victor and how to turn my biggest weaknesses into my greatest strengths. Qualities that served me very well as I pursued happiness and success in this crazy thing we call life.

If today was my last day on earth and I had to boil everything I know down into 3 words it would be this:
Attitude is everything.
- Jesse

It sounds so simple but it’s something I struggle with nearly every day. I truly believe that by becoming the master of your own attitude you can radically change the direction of your life and that is why I have made it my personal mission to share this powerful message.

Whether you read one of my books, see me on TV, hear me speaking live in person or on a podcast I hope you take away something valuable that will change your life for the better. Thank you all for your continued support, none of this would be possible without you.

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Another amazing experience in the books! Thank you Juneau, Alaska for having me... #Attitudeiseverything #DrLeBeau
Thanks for having me Arizona! It’s been a great experience bein… #Attitudeiseverything #DrLeBeau
Thanks for having me Arizona! It’s been a great experience bein… #Attitudeiseverything #DrLeBeau
These kids are the best! I hope I got through to them… #Attitudeiseverything