Teenage is a very difficult time as it’s a transitional stage between childhood and adulthood. This is the time when teens have a strong desire to be independent but can easily get overwhelmed by all the physical and emotional challenges they’re going through.

Some of these challenges could include:

  • The stress of preparing for college
  • Fitting in at school
  • Making friends
  • Dealing with bullies
  • Being made to take part in school activities
  • Family stress

All of these events can make teenagers moody and anxious and even lead to emotional struggles like lowered self-esteem.

Keep reading to learn how to promote your teen’s emotional health as a supportive parent.

Raise a Confident Teen

Confident teens are better equipped to handle peer pressure and dating challenges and overcome general setbacks.

How can you raise a confident teen?

Promote self-improvement by encouraging them to accept their flaws and strive to improve. Help them identify their strengths and work on their weaknesses.

Instead of praising your teen for getting a good grade, praise them for studying. This will show your teen that it’s important to try hard and that it will be okay if they aren’t successful in their efforts.

Teaching Them to Be Assertive

 a man in a white shirt.

Teenagers need to know how to speak up for themselves in a manner that isn’t rude or inappropriate.

A teen who can be assertive will find it much easier to deal with people who treat them poorly and stand up for themselves. Teach your kid strong and confident language to help them become more assertive. Remember to focus on being assertive and not aggressive. You can help them practice these skills at home by encouraging them to say no to things that they don’t want to do.

Building Self Worth

People who only feel good about themselves if they have a certain body type, get a certain grade in school, or receive a certain amount of likes on a social media post usually don’t have enough self-confidence. Basing one’s worth on external circumstances can also hurt your child’s self-esteem.

You can help your teen build a stable foundation for self-worth by teaching them how it’s important to be kind rather than attractive.

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