Hey Parent & Educator Friends!

It’s Jesse LeBeau here, your trusted motivational speaker for teenagers! Today we’re delving into a topic that’s truly transformative – harnessing the power of positive self-talk for your teenager’s life. I’ve seen many lives change in the course of my 1 on 1 teen coaching sessions, and positive self-talk never fails to make a significant impact.

In the video featured above, I was fortunate enough to chat on the ‘Think Like a STAR’ podcast with Ian Lopatin, CEO of Spiritual Gangster. He shares a compelling message about ‘getting on your own team’ and stepping up as your number one fan. I strongly encourage you to watch it, especially for the part where he illustrates how his mother challenged his self-talk during a golf game. He learned the invaluable lesson of speaking kindly to himself, just as he would to a friend.

So, why should your teenager take time to harness positive self-talk?

Here are 5 reasons why:

It boosts self-esteem and resilience, enhances performance, promotes better mental health, and increases overall life satisfaction. Not a bad list of things to help your teen right?

Research done at the University of Illinois validates the critical importance of positive self-talk in improving academic performance and reducing distress among adolescents.

As a parent, how can you help cultivate this in your teen?

Here are a few things you can try:

Create an environment that reinforces optimism, encourages them to appreciate their unique qualities, and guide them in transforming self-criticism into constructive feedback. Remember, it’s about learning to speak to oneself as one would a friend. As Jon Dorenbos once told me, ‘speak to yourself, don’t listen to yourself’.

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Remember, if you aren’t your #1 fan then who will be? You can change your life today by getting on your own team!