Hey Champion Parents, it’s your friendly neighborhood motivational speaker for teenagers, Jesse LeBeau, here!

Coming at you today with a sturdy dose of motivation from my recent speaking event where I had the pleasure of interacting with some dynamic and spirited students – and oh boy, did we have a blast! I’m privileged to share some of the action with you in the video above.

In every instance, whether it’s my 1 on 1 teen coaching sessions or my motivational speeches, I find myself coming back to a core narrative – We are all underdogs and that’s okay. In fact, being an underdog is not about the odds stacked against us, but the choice we make when facing those odds. As demonstrated by our friend ‘Big Daddy’ from the video, it is about embracing the challenge and yelling ‘Just Do It’ over the doubting voices.

Research supports this notion too! According to this study, proactive behavior and the ‘growth mindset’ leads to not only higher grades but also increased life satisfaction and lower symptoms of depression. In simpler terms – throw away the excuses, take massive action, and achieve your dreams, underdog or not.

As parents, you play a huge role in fostering this mindset in your teenagers.

Here are a few practical tips:

-Encourage effort over innate abilities.

-Emphasize the importance of perseverance.

-Frame setbacks as opportunities for learning rather than failures.

-And most importantly, celebrate the small wins. Those tiny victories add up to a mindset of resilience and confidence.

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Remember, no obstacle is too big if your attitude is bigger. Let’s help our teenagers navigate through the odds, one action step at a time.

Until then, stay amazing!