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Hi Parents, Jesse LeBeau here!

In this blog, we’re diving headfirst into some serious teen territory – teen relationships. Now, if you’ve caught the video at the top featuring Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo and myself on the Think Like a STAR podcast, you’ll know that we touched on this very topic – the significance of healthy relationships and guiding our teens away from potential toxic ones.

Teen relationships, both friendships and dating, play a massive role in their emotional and social development. They learn vital skills like communication, trust, empathy, negotiation, and compromise – all crucial life lessons. Having positive relationships can also boost their self-esteem and provide a sense of belonging. According to the National Institute of Health, the quality of a teenager’s relationships has a strong impact on their psychological well-being. Making this topic a common discussion in my 1 on 1 teen coaching sessions.

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But what happens when these relationships turn toxic, and how can you, as parents, intervene? 

Here are five ways to help your teen choose healthy relationships:

1. Open the lines of communication, listen without judging.

2. Teach them about the signs of unhealthy and abusive relationships.

3. Encourage them to have a broad support network, so they’re not reliant on one person.

4. Build their self-esteem and remind them of their worth.

5. Respect their feelings, but also share yours.

Emphasizing the necessity of healthy relationships is a vital aspect of my work as a motivational speaker for teenagers. For more weekly parenting resources you can join our Facebook Group where parents like you come together and support one another in a powerful way.

If you want to build an awesome team around your teenager to support them and help them have the tools to succeed in life you can check out The Attitude Advantage Program.

Remember, parents, you have the ability to help your teens navigate these relationships. Use your influence wisely to help them understand the importance of healthy relationships in their life. Until next time, keep being your incredible selves!


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