Hello Superstar Parents & Educators!

Today, I’m buzzing with excitement as I get to introduce you to an extraordinary guest, Darren Sugiyama. As a leading business CEO and renowned strategic thinker, Darren is here to share his wisdom. We’re diving into the powerful topic of having a vision and being intentional with your child, and believe me, you won’t want to miss out on this!

As parents of teenagers, we know the enormous impact of intentions and visions in our child’s upbringing. When we speak with intention, we’re making a conscious choice to breathe purpose into our communication – this is what my 1 on 1 teen coaching sessions are all about. We bring wisdom, clarity, and immense love, all of which resonate with our teens in the most profound ways. Not to mention, having a blueprint for their future keeps them on track, motivates them to make those bold steps forward, and sets the tone for their growth – which is basically the essence of my job for the past decade being a motivational speaker for teenagers.

Darren offers some beautiful, heart-tugging stories focusing on his own experiences with his son. These stories highlight the transformative power of intentional speech and visionary thinking. When we adopt these in our parenting journey, we can help foster a confident, resilient, and happy teenager. Research further validates the importance of intentional communication in developing a teenagers’ overall well being and self-worth.

So, what are your thoughts on Darren’s suggestions in this video? Have you been intentional in your communication or created a vision for your teenagers? Don’t forget, the power is in your hands to shape your child’s future. Be intentional. Be visionary.

In the quest of improving our teens’ life, why not check out our teen mental health program, book a youth speaker, or grab a call with us for some one-on-one dialogue about the issues you want to help your teen with today!

To wrap this up, here are some simple tips for speaking with intention to the teen or teens you care about:

Listen More, Speak Less. Respect their Opinions. Use Empathetic Language. Practice Positivity. Make your intentions clear and be consistent!

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I hope this helps you on your journey to raise an awesome young adult human person!