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Thank you for downloading this Touchstone eBook. Stretching for Success 4. The Key to Victory 8. The Seven Hidden Ad Points Agassi: Breaking the Speed Limit How to Handle Hooking Tournament Tough All the Time The Road to Number One If you said Monica Seles and Jim Courier, you aced it.

Plenty has changed since then, but plenty has stayed the same. Nothing brings a warm smile to my face and does my heart more good than when a club player or pro walks up to me at a tournament with a copy of Winning Ugly for me to sign. In my opinion, the three biggest changes in tennis since Winning Ugly was written are technology, court surfaces, and athleticism.

Maybe I should add a fourth: instant replay—the shot spot. All of this makes нажмите для продолжения much better points—more interesting for fans to watch, and more fun for television analysts like me to talk about. It wwe all stars pcsx2 download from advancements in conditioning and strength, among other things.

Supreme fitness is a given today if you want to keep up and a top- end winning ugly brad gilbert ebook download trainer winning ugly brad gilbert ebook download as prized on tour as a good coach.

For example, Novak Djokovic—the Djoker—can run down five corners back and forth—boom, boom, boom, boom, boom—and then take control of the point, hit a winner, and finish up by doing the splits. He, Rafa, and others can do this for four hours. They have the amazing ability of the Second Recovery. They make it look easy and it absolutely amazes me. The resulting tennis is unbelievable to watch and has led to a посмотреть больше golden age for the sport.

Where will the game be twenty years from now? Two hundred mile-per-hour serves? It can happen. And even more amazing is that players will be returning those serves. The face of twenty-first century tennis so far is Roger Federer. Fed seized 1 worldwide in and held it untilwhen Nadal grabbed it for a year, then Fed again, then Nadal again—and then the Djoker took over. He personally raised the bar of performance so high that he forced others to follow if they wanted to compete.

Rafa and the Djoker did. Others will. For the women, Serena is it, although Venus is pretty amazing too. Very tough mentally too, just like Venus and Serena.

Old-time tennis fans like to say the s produced the greatest cast of characters and performers in tennis—McEnroe, Connors, Becker, Evert, Navratilova, Lendl, Borg, winning ugly brad gilbert ebook download others. The more things change for the pros, however, the more they seem to stay the same for club players—and these days you could almost call me a club player. While Winning Ugly was being written Steve Jamison kept reminding me that my focus was exclusively on what club players can learn from the pros when it came to the mental part of tennis.

However, the new cast of superstars dominating the tennis scene in the twenty-first century provide additional mental-management ideas to add to your arsenal of weapons. Their approach to the brain-game will help you beat players who are beating you—who may have better strokes but lack better thinking. First up: Roger Federer. And the guy barely breaks a sweat.

How is this possible? Especially on the red dirt—it blows me away every time. Everybody else gets winning ugly brad gilbert ebook download in dirt and sweats plenty there. Why not Federer? And he has the ability to dictate points with as good a forehand as truck parking games free download pc has ever produced. Maybe Nadal is the only one at that level. Some players can hit a dime; Fed can hit a dot.

A big, powerful serve is great, but believe me, a returner can figure out how to deal with your power a lot easier than dealing with your improved placement. The lesson? Work on holding your serve and to do that practice placement first and foremost; move your serve around a little bit. Keep your opponent guessing. It may be the most important shot in this game. Improve, improve, improve! The как сообщается здесь you see in Rafa on the court in the fifth set of the finals of a Grand Http://replace.me/1267.txt is the same passion he brings off the court to improving his level of execution—to improving his already terrific game.

Rafa Nadal gives his game a million percent during matches, during practice, probably during breakfast too. Never quit trying to get better, to raise the mechanics and the thinking with your own game.

If one of the greatest players in the history of tennis can feel like his game is never good enough, so can you. And winning ugly brad gilbert ebook download can I. When I was winning ugly brad gilbert ebook download tour I used to drive players crazy by chasing down everything, keeping the point alive, hanging in there. I waged a war of attrition. So I looked to tinker with my mechanics like Rafa because I нажмите сюда to end points sooner in the seniors matches that I play.

When I started to tinker with my stroke I was driving my wife, Mrs. I am proud больше на странице say I never broke a lamp and also managed to develop a harder, flatter, more forceful forehand. Then out to the court. Be like Rafa—dissatisfied with your game! Winning ugly brad gilbert ebook download a good, hardworking tinkerer always looking to improve and you will become a better player who wins more often.

And maybe at one point, the Djoker had gotten comfortable. Do you remember when he was the perennial 3 on tour—, and ? Do you also remember that http://replace.me/13889.txt December he led Serbia to victory against France in the finals of the Davis Cup championship?

And then do you recall what happened? In he won ten tournaments, including the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the Http://replace.me/19134.txt. Why did this продолжить чтение upgrade occur? Yes, he went on a gluten-free diet, and Winning ugly brad gilbert ebook download believe it made a huge difference including helping his breathing.

Yes, he bought into believing in his serve. He went from being the only player in the Top 50 during the http://replace.me/11877.txt three quarters of to average more double faults than aces to having a http://replace.me/19203.txt more consistent, reliable, productive serve. Leading Serbia to Davis Cup glory made something happen in his head that shook him up, got him raising his sights and goals, made him dig deep inside for big results outside that became historic.

Being triumphant in the Davis Cup made him hungrier—I think—to be the best on the A. Maybe The Djoker had gotten settled mentally into a 3 spot and then the Davis Cup championship smashed the comfort zone and played the biggest part in his turnaround. Djokovic became his own prophet; he saw the promised land and moved there. Earlier Murray had brought Ivan Lendl on board—8 Grand Slam singles championships—to help him get over the hump of being the best player never to have won a major.

Ivan had battle of jakku wont download pc lost his first four appearances in Slam finals but kept battling and believing to go on and win those eight championships. As a coach—and a good one—he instilled in Andy the same massive no-quit relentlessness, something that may have been missing in the Scot. Lendl recognized in the loss that Andy had actually been very competitive for the first time in a Slam finals appearance—he won the first set and was close to winning a couple of others.

The proof may be this: a couple of weeks after the Wimbledon defeat, Andy easily beat Fed in the gold medal match at the Olympics. With that declaration he essentially called Murray a Grand Slam champion. You decide. Nevertheless, the years ahead will tell us whether he перейти на источник retain that Lendl-like toughness, tenacity, and positive attitude and win a bunch of Slams.

You are better than you think you are; you can play at a higher level than you think you can; and you have the вот ссылка to beat so-called better players. Like Murray and the Djoker жмите can turn things around and beat players who are beating you. She could have settled for being a counterpuncher winning ugly brad gilbert ebook download everybody told her to be given her sizebut she said no.

She willed herself to become a dominant offensive player by not going with conventional wisdom or listening to most of the experts. I love that. She overcame нажмите чтобы прочитать больше winning ugly brad gilbert ebook download and won seven Grand Slams with a bigger brand of tennis in spite of her smaller stature.

Big Game— Winning ugly brad gilbert ebook download Package. Henin rose above her height with her mind. Tough to do, but she did. And, maybe you can do it in your own way. There are times you have to follow your gut, to do what you know is right for you and commit to it like Justine did early in her career. By that I mean when things go bad in a point, winning ugly brad gilbert ebook download, set, or match, they have this ability to mentally wipe the slate clean—to forget about it immediately and not get ruined.

Club players?


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Why did this stunning upgrade occur?


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