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Download Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo to PC, ANDROID OR iPhone. To play this CPS2 ROM, you must first download an Emulator. Tags · Action Free to Play. +. Reviews. All Reviews: 1 user reviews () All Time ; Features. Single-player · Shared/Split Screen PvP · Downloadable. Android Mod Apk For Free|replace.me PlayMods. Play More Fun! Download. The description of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Emulator port).


Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo Download ( Puzzle Game)


Still, since youre not actually controlling anything as the combos shatter, this doesnt affect gameplay. All the guys around the office like the two above act as though this is the greatest thing since Tetris. My theory: These blockheads just dont have the brainpower to appreciate true masterpieces like Puyo Pop , Tetris Attack , and Pokemon Puzzle. Puzzle Fighter is a damn fine game, but certain design elements like the clear-all Super Gem and garbage blocks that can help a player more than they hurt make come-from-behind victories too commonplace.

This leads to exciting games, sure but ones that dont necessarily take serious skills to win. Youll find lots to like here I didnt have a problem with the graphics like Shawn did , but better portable puzzlers exist. Browse games Game Portals. Like all great puzzle titles, the game is accessible and addictive, mysteriously devouring minutes and hours with deceptively simple gameplay.

Even after unlocking all the secrets, you’ll still want to return for more gem crashing action against human and computer foes alike. Graphics: Customize the display to your system’s liking. With enough computing horsepower, graphics rival the PlayStation original. Mutant miniature fighters are a blast to watch. Sound: Computer speakers add bass that’s missing from most television speakers.

Cute taunts, solid smacks, and a jaunty tune mixes well together. Enjoyment: Tiny Capcom fighters add insult to injury, which is fun if you’re the player not on the receiving end. Replay Value: Great two-player gameplay adds terrific replay value to the title.

The farther along you make it into the game, the more frustrating good frustrating, not bad frustrating the game gets. You will find yourself setting up for the perfect color combinations when your opponent drops a load of gems on your side, completely blowing all of your plans.

The game requires some quick thinking and the ability to adapt to some unexpected roadblocks. The game would not be much fun if all you were doing was placing a couple of gems together and then breaking them. What makes it fun is the strategy element. Sure, you can group a couple same colored gems together and break them but this only does minimal damage to the opponent.

The real trick is to build up super gems and go for the crushing blow. This is not without it’s hazards though. The longer you go, the more likely the opponent is to drop the timer gems on to your side and ruin your entire plan so you must pick and choose your times to attack carefully or you may end up K.

There a plenty of game modes to satisfy just about any gamer. The first mode available is the Arcade mode. This mode is dictated by the difficulty setting you chose. For example, if you are set on easy, you only need to defeat 3 opponents to win but on normal, you must defeat 8 and on hard, you must beat 8 extra difficult opponents. The next mode is the vs.

This is a good old-fashioned 2-player battle to the end. Each player selects a character, and off you go. The final mode is the street puzzle mode. This is a one-match game that, if you win, unlocks a special goodies menu. I won’t give away what is available, but it is worth winning. Get it here. Play it there. Learn More. Description Share this. Copy and paste this link into an e-mail or instant message:.


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