Attitude Is Everything!


Teens & Young Adults


Jesse understands what it feels like to try to form and discover your identity and purpose. He has learned that life’s battles can be won, armed with a sense of humor and an optimistic attitude. Sharing his struggles, Jesse encourages people to view their lives through a new lens and embrace three words that changed his life: ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING. His empowering story of triumph encourages all people to think of themselves, and how they can turn their biggest weaknesses into their greatest strengths!

Heidi Klum

“Great life lessons given out of an authentic journey. Jesse shares the keys every young person needs to chase their dreams.”

Allen Iverson

“Jesse is living proof that if you work hard and believe in yourself, anything is possible.”

Topics Covered:

•Importance of Your Attitude
•Taking 100% Responsibility For Your Life
•Believing In Yourself
•No Substitute For Hard Work
•Surrounding Yourself With The Right People
•Embracing Your Uniqueness
•Taking A Leap Of Faith

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“I watched as students became excited by his stories, basketball tricks, and the videos he played, which show him starring in an array of commercials and movies. This definitely gave him the “cool” factor, and focused the student’s interest, as they listened intently to his powerful message. By the end of his speech, students were left inspired! They eagerly lined up for pictures and the chance to talk to Jesse more. Jesse delivers a transformational and dynamic message that young people will benefit from hearing!”
-Christine Shewbridge, President, Junior Achievement Orange County

“If you are looking for a speaker who will have a powerful impact on the young people at your school or organization, you need Jesse LeBeau.”
-Amy Kernan, Principal Vista View Middle School

“I really enjoyed you today! You were so simply amazing and so inspirational. We (Sanger girls basketball) appreciate you and look up to you a lot now.”
-Ashley Garcia (Sanger High School Student)

“Today I got to play ball with Jesse, he hooked me up with $100, and taught me a lot, especially about getting bitter versus getting better.”
-High School Student

“Thank you so much for coming to our school. Your speech was very inspiring. I had an amazing time watching you play basketball, your tricks were amazing. Hopefully one day you will come back tour school and talk to us again.”
-Victoria Mendez, Vista View Middle School Student

“Thank you for taking time out of your day to come to our school. When you said, “if your life is lame that’s your fault” it really stood out to me. It made me want to work harder to make things better.”
-Sara Kelly, Vista View Middle School Student

“I am confident that I can try harder and be more confident because of you, thank you and please come again!”
-Kimberly Nichols, Vista View Middle School

“You taught me how to make a goal in life and follow it until you reach it. I love your story about how you kept trying no matter how far, cold, or hard it was!”
-Brigitte Tunt, High School Student

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