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You can remove the admin password completely by settings or logging in with another admin account. Here is how you can simply factory reset admin password on windows And if so, you should be able to login on to other devices. If not, go to the Microsoft Reset password page. With this, you can reset the local admin password on Windows This is how to reset your admin password for any Windows 10 account. Take USB for example. Free download Windows Password Rescuer Personal. Pull down the drive list and select the plugged USB.

Then click “Begin Burning” to create a Windows password recovery disk within one minute. Step 2: When complete burning, use the USB disk to reset Windows 10 administrator password on your locked computer. Now you are able to reset Windows 10 administrator password via severa clicks:.

You could read step-by-step tutorial with more images. Select Advanced Options in the Troubleshoot screen. It will show you several advanced options, select Startup Settings. You are able to restart to change Windows boot options. Click Restart. PC start and load Windows 10 install screen. Click Next. In the next screen, click Repair Your Computer to continue. In Advanced Options screen, select Troubleshoot. Select Command Prompt. Remove your installation disk and type: wpeutil reboot , press Enter to restart the computer.

Now you are able to reset Windows 10 administrator or user password. Run the command bellow: Type: net user and press Enter. Thank you so very much for your help, and your program is fantastic, and I will tell the world about it for you. Great Software. Your software saved me MANY hours of labor re-formatting and re-installing software all because I was foolish and forgot my Windows admin password!

Thank-you so much! I just got back from vacation, and realized I needed to read something urgently for work the next day. However, my daughter or wife must have put a password on the computer, locking me out! Fortunately, I was able to use PCUnlocker to quickly reset the password on my system, allowing me to login again. Excellent results, easy to use and clear instructions.

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[Easy Solutions] 4 Ways to Reset Admin Password Windows 10


Have you ever gotten locked out of your Windows 10 computer or had to figure out how to change a user password like the administrator password? Windows 10 offers several approaches to reset Windows user passwords if you know the current password or not.

One of the easiest methods is to reset a Windows 10 password via the command prompt. This tutorial is going to get hands-on and go over the steps to reset a Windows 10 password. You can find information here on how to set up recovery media. This tutorial will use Windows 10 Build for all examples and will be working on a computer that is not in an Active Directory domain.

To reset a password while logged into Windows 10, you must have permission to do so. Although you could apply granular permission to reset a password , this tutorial will take the easy route and require a user to be in the Administrators group.

Be sure to right-click on cmd and run the command prompt as administrator so you have the rights to make changes. With the Command Prompt window open, type whoami to get the logged on user. The net user command is a handy command in nearly all Windows versions that will pull information about local user accounts, disable and enable user accounts and reset passwords.

You can see that the adambertram local account is part of the Administrators group. To do that:. With the Command Prompt still open, type net user followed by the user account and the new password. This step is enclosed in parentheses below. The Set-LocalUser cmdlet is the command that actually changes the password.

Safe Mode is a Windows 10 troubleshooting tool that restarts the PC in a basic state using a limited set of files and drivers.

You can use safe mode to access the command prompt without loading the full operating system bypassing the login screen. From the main login screen, press and hold the Shift key while clicking Restart as shown below. Once restarted, Windows 10 will be at a spot to tell it you need to boot into safe mode. From the Advanced Boot Options screen, click on Troubleshoot. The Troubleshoot screen is a place in safe mode where you can fix some bootup and other Windows 10 problems.

The Advanced Options screen displays several options to choose from. Click on Startup Settings. On the Startup Settings screen, select the Restart button. Once restarted, Windows 10 will be in safe mode. After restarting, the Startup Settings screen will list several options to choose from. Press 4 to restart into safe mode. After restarting again, you should now see a Command Prompt opens with elevated privileges Administrator: rather than the normal Windows 10 desktop.

Once you have the Command Prompt open in safe mode, the only thing left to do is use net user to reset the password for the user account. If you cannot reboot into safe mode, you can also use the recovery media to change user account passwords.

Doing so requires you to copy cmd. To use this method, you must have already created recovery media probably on a USB stick or a Windows 10 installation disk. In the Command Prompt window run the following two lines. These lines essentially overwrite a file called utilman. Once the Windows 10 login screen comes up on the Windows 10 sign-in screen tap the Utility Manager icon found on the bottom-right corner to open the command prompt as shown below.

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Restarting Windows 10 in safe mode. Navigating to Advanced Options in safe mode. Selecting Startup Settings in the Advanced Options menu. Startup Settings options prior to restarting in Safe Mode. Advanced boot options: Press 6 or F6. Running the command prompt in safe mode. Windows 10 install screen.

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