Episode #18 Kyle Wilson

Find Your Tribe!

May 2, 2019 Jesse LeBeau & Kyle Wilson

So there I was, sitting on the plane, minding my own business.

Usually I don’t like to talk to people on planes. I just want to mind my business. I was reading a great book (The Icon by Darren Sugiyama) and as we are about to land the guy next to me asks what I’m reading…insert eye roll here…

Well that little conversation led me to discover a hidden gem that is the Kyle Wilson Inner Circle. I’ve since got to speak to the group, meet and be-friend many of their members and it has had a great impact on my life!

I’m excited to share with you guys my friend the powerful Kyle Wilson!

Kyle is a stud and also the marketing genius behind legendary speaker Jim Rohn.

What I love about Kyle is his humility. He has crushed it in business and found success in a variety of different areas of life and now he uses his knowledge to help others do the same.

Does it get any more admirable than that?

Kyle was actually one of the first people to get 1 million people on an email list and used the internet to drive sales and do business on a massive scale. Today you get a front row seat in marketing with a true legend!

There’s so much I want to say but I’ll shut my mouth and let you hear it from the man himself.

You guys are really going to enjoy this one, Kyle is the man!

In this weeks episode you will learn:

-how to embrace your painful challenges
-how to find your tribe
-the importance of balance
-why you need to enjoy the journey

And a lot more!

You can follow Kyle online when you CLICK HERE.

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