I was not ready for the heat Darren Sugiyama was going to bring on this weeks episode!

Darren is a self-made business man with best-selling books, multi-million dollar companies and is one of the premiere keynote speakers in the country.  He is efficient, productive and is super intentional with every move he makes…and it turns out he has a great story that I never would have expected!

I was nervous because it never rains in Southern California but the day I was booked to meet with Darren it dumping buckets outside.  I’m talking that Ketchikan, Alaska type rain!

Thankfully, we were still able to get the job done.

One big lesson I took away from Darren is something that I’ve struggled with a lot during my adult life: Enjoying the journey.

As we talked and I learned more about his story, it became abundantly clear that RIGHT NOW is the good times.  Often, I compare myself to other people and I feel like I haven’t ‘made it’ but what I came to realize is that nobody really ever ‘makes it’.  There is always someone further up the pecking order who has it going on more than you do.  I left our conversation feeling inspired and happy and I learned a ton in the process.

On a sidetone, I am also finished with Darren’s book ‘The Icon’ which is AMAZING.  Definitely worth a read.  

You guys are going to love Darren and his underdog story!


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