“Nothing happens to you. It doesn’t even happen for you.. Everything happens through you.” -David Meltzer

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What a treat it was to sit down with one of the most accomplished business men alive today, David Meltzer.

David has lived a life worthy of a Hollywood movie… making hundreds of millions of dollars, losing it all and then making it back. Today, Forbes and Entrepreneur named him one of the top keynote speakers on the planet and Variety Magazine gave him the Sports Humanitarian of the Year award. He is a 2x best-selling author and world-renowned thought leader and boy did I have a good time picking his brain on this weeks episode!

What is inspiring about his story is he truly lives the life he speaks about. A life of service. He is constantly giving of his time, energy and money to change the lives of others. When I meet people, I look closely at the actions in their lives to see if they match the words they say. In my opinion, the most powerful and inspiring thing a person can do is let their actions be their testimony.

You guys are really going to like this one, David is a beast!

In this weeks episode you will learn:

-the importance of asking for help
-why talking is great but listening is better
-why you should serve others
-how to pursue your potential

And a lot more!

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