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Let’s see how these data files differ and how you can change one format to another. User: Password: Remember me Register. Very nice program! Good job. Shows Outlook address books as a list or tree. Tags: reports addresses. Please tell us why didn’t you like this utility? We are always happy to help you with our utilities and answer any related questions. Video tours describe common concepts and are not related to any specific utility. Advanced versions of this and other utilities included in ReliefJet Essentials for Outlook : full-featured all-in-one commercial product.

More in blog All Rights Reserved. Ask a new question. Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Thanks for your feedback. Thanks for your update Its bit strange, I couldn’t find that address book download on the initial installation of outlook I have deleted and recreated the profile to make the option visible i have attached the screenshots for your reference is somebody experienced this behavior on initial deployment of outlook ?

Were you able to download offline address book in previous version? Please reply us with the information asked for further assistance.

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Address Book in the light version of Outlook – More Information


Microsoft Outlook has many new features and enhancements that are related to the offline address book. By default, Outlook uses a cached mode configuration.

Because cached mode generates an offline address book, it’s important that you understand how to configure the offline address book so that it works efficiently in your Microsoft Exchange organization. To make it easy for you to find the information that you want, this article is organized in categories in a question-and-answer format.

Q1: What is cached mode? A1: Cached mode is the new default configuration for Outlook. It provides an experience that is similar to the offline configuration in earlier versions of Outlook. When you are running in cached mode, your Exchange mailbox is synchronized to a local file an.

Outlook directly accesses the. Therefore, network communication between Outlook and Exchange is significantly reduced. Q2: Why does cached mode generate an offline address book? A2: The offline address book contains a set of all the properties of a user such as e-mail addresses and names that Outlook requires. Instead, Outlook easily obtains this information from the local offline address book.

Q3: Does the offline address book function exactly like the global address list? A3: The offline address book is a snapshot of the Active Directory directory service information that is available in the global address list. Therefore, some information is available in the global address list that is not available in the offline address book. The offline address book does not contain the following items that are available in the global address list:.

Custom properties in Active Directory that an administrator has added for example, the Employee ID of each employee. Outlook must be able to access the server to obtain this information. Q4: What are the new offline address book features with Microsoft Exchange Server ? A4: Exchange supports a Unicode offline address book. The Unicode version is also known as Version 3a. Exchange also supports earlier ANSI versions of the offline address book for Outlook clients with earlier versions.

Exchange computers also have a filtering mechanism in place that makes sure that only those certificates that are used by Outlook for public key infrastructure PKI will be present in the offline address book. This mechanism significantly reduces the size of the offline address book from servers that are running Exchange compared to the offline address book from servers that are running earlier versions of Exchange. Q5: How frequently is the offline address book updated on the Outlook client?

A5: If left constantly running, Outlook in cached mode automatically updates the offline address book on the client every 24 hours. The hour time period is measured from the time that the offline address book was last downloaded successfully.

For example, if you complete an offline address book download at today, Outlook will start the offline address book download the next day at approximately Therefore, different people will receive updates at different, random times. Note The default setting on Exchange Server and earlier versions is to generate an offline address book differential file every morning at For a change that is made in Active Directory to reach the client computer, the following events must occur:.

The change must be picked up by the Exchange computer that generates the offline address book files. This can take several hours. At worst, it can take 24 hours. This variable will be referred to as “x. The Outlook clients must download the offline address book updates every 24 hours.

This update can take several hours. This variable will be referred to as “y. It would be rare for a client to ever experience a hour delay or more unless there were some Active Directory or public folder replication issues. Note For Exchange Server and later versions, the default schedule is to process the OAB every 8 hours over a period of 1 hour.

OAB generation can run at different times based on resource availability. Q6: How can you tell when Outlook will try its next offline address book download? A6: Unless you notice the last time that Outlook downloaded the offline address book, you may not know when Outlook is scheduled to try the next offline address book download. No indicator in the Outlook user interface advises you of the offline address book download schedule. Therefore, to manually force a download of the latest offline address book assuming one is available on the Exchange computer , use one of the following methods:.

Manually download the address book by following the steps appropriate for your versions of Outlook. Click OK. If Outlook determines that either sequence ID is high as compared to the sequence ID that was downloaded, Outlook triggers the download. Q7: How frequently are the offline address book files generated on the Exchange computer?

A7: By default, Exchange Server and earlier versions generate the offline address book files every morning at For Exchange Server and later versions, the default schedule is to process the OAB every 8 hours over a period of 1 hour.

Q8: How is the offline address book updated on the server and on the client? A8: Each day, the Exchange computer generates a full offline address book and a differential file from the previous day. The Exchange computer stores the differential file and the full file for the current day and stores only the differential files for the previous days.

The following table outlines the process that Exchange and Outlook use to determine which offline address book files to download to the client. Download differential sequence 3 and sequence 4 or offline address book sequence 4 if differential sequences 3 and 4 are greater than one-eighth the size of a full offline address book sequence 4.

Q9: What are typical offline address book sizes? The following factors can affect the size of the offline address book:. The usage of certificates in a company. The more PKI certificates, the larger the offline address book. They are the single largest contributor to the offline address book size. The information that a company adds to Active Directory for each user and each distribution group.

For example, some organizations populate the address properties on each user; others do not. Q Can I update the offline address book files on the Exchange computer more frequently? A We do not recommend that you update more frequently as this may affect client and server performance. Generating the offline address book files on the Exchange computer on a more frequent basis may cause performance problems on the server.

You can see the performance impact in the following aspects:. The server has to generate the offline address book more frequently. It might take hours to complete, depending on the size of Active Directory. For each update, Outlook must make a copy of the offline address book in the local computer and apply the incremental changes that are fetched from the server. If the offline address book on the local computer is MB, Outlook would have to create a copy of that much data with each update.

Outlook has a “throttling” mechanism that slows down the offline address book update when user activity is detected. Depending on the size of the offline address book, the update can take anywhere from one hour to eight hours if there is continuous user activity.

If you want to increase the frequency of your updates, make sure your offline address book is reasonably small.

A good size is in the range of 1 MB to 25 MB, uncompressed. To customize the generation of these files on the server, follow these steps. Exchange Server and Exchange Sever Right-click the offline address list that you specified for your mailbox store, and then click Properties.

In the result pane, click the Offline Address Book tab, and then select the offline address book that you want to configure. If you have increased the generation frequency of the offline address book files on your Exchange computer, you can also increase the frequency of the client offline address book downloads. To do this:. Click your Exchange account, and then click to select the Include the selected account in this group check box.

Under Select the options you want for the selected account group, make sure that the only check box that is selected is Download offline address book , and then click OK. Q Can I programmatically download an offline address book through the Outlook object model? A No. Offline address book downloads are not exposed through the Outlook object model. Q I added a new user to Active Directory, but the user does not show up in Outlook.

A The offline address book is not up to date. Two events must occur before the changes show up in Outlook:. The server must generate the offline address book and include the changes in the differential files. If you are sure that the first event has occurred, you can perform a manual download of the offline address book. To do this, follow these steps:. If you make frequent changes to the offline address book, you may want to modify the way that Outlook computers on your network access the Address Book.

You can disable the downloading of the offline address book and force the Outlook computers to use the online Global Address List when they use Cached Exchange Mode.

For more information about how to do this, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: How to prevent users from downloading the Offline Address Book without disabling Cached Exchange Mode As per this article, if offline address book. To use this setting, you must set the registry value, remove any. Q What is the effect of offline address book downloads on the network?

Will offline address book downloads flood the network?


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