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And you’ll be appalled to know that Ubisoft are proudly hailing the pimping possibilities for your horse. No, Italian women aren’t desperately lonely, they mean you can kit your equine pal out in a variety of bridles, saddles and sunglasses. Story-wise, Ezio’s now in his ’40s, yet still nimble, sprightly and capable of slashing your whole family to death before you’ve even blinked.

And he’s not the only AC2 star coming back, either. Leonardo da Vinci will return, with his fun gadgets o’ death, and we’re promised more of Machiavelli, who flitted in and out of number two. Curiously, another character who’ll make an appearance is one that was dead at the end of the second game, the Pope. Pope Alexander VI nee Rodrigo Borgia might have been brutally killed, but that isn’t stopping him living and being a menace to all things Ezio in Brotherhood.

He’s brought in reinforcements this time, with his son Cesare and Lucrezia, his famously murderous daughter, getting involved. More famous Borgia and characters are sure to be introduced as Ubisoft’s hype machine begins to rumble on in the coming months. As he was hard-pushed to deal with Rodrigo in the second game, this time Ezio’s going to need backup: hence the ‘Brotherhood’ part of the game’s title. As a grumpy middle-aged man, Ezio has decided to impart his killing wisdom to the various promising youngsters he finds as the game progresses.

Once you’ve collected them, they can be assigned different tasks using a curious chessboard-esque interface. Eventually they can even be called upon when you’re out roaming. Don’t dirty your own blade with his vile common blood, just give a signal and suddenly one of the Ezio Juniors will come slinking from the crowd and empty the contents of the guards’ stomach onto the ground with their knife.

If you do choose to fight the scoundrel, he might call up some equally nefarious buddies, so you’ll be glad to hear there’s more than one way to skin a variety of soldier-cats. A number of new melee moves can be chained together to take out multiple enemies, culminating in a ‘rage mode’ that gives an instant kill for every successful link in the move chain. Ubisoft says pro-active players will be rewarded for their aggression.

Designer Patrick Plourde even goes so far as to say, “strike first, strike fast,” which sounds like the motto of an assassin’s guild to us. It also applies to your enemies though, who’ll be doing a lot more harrying than their docile brethren from games first and second.

Now to the multiplayer. The first bit of good news is it’s being handled by Ubisoft Annecy. Not the most well-known of studios, but they did help make Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow’s excellent multiplayer game.

The only mode we know about so far is Hunter, but it sounds a doozy. You start off walking in a crowd, a clock counting down to when you have control over your character. The reason for this is that if you appeared in the game stationary, everyone could see you were a player-controlled character, and remaining hidden is what Hunted is all about.

A Hunted level starts with eight players walking amongst a crowd of similarly dressed NPCs. Each player is assigned another player to kill, with a compass pointing towards their target. So you’re not only hunting another player, but being hunted by one yourself. As there are only eight different character models crowds won’t be that diverse, but that’s not the point: every player needs to blend in with the crowd to avoid standing out as a target. So you’ll have to keep an eye out for any kind of suspicious behaviour, such as someone moving in an unexpected way like right towards you.

Live and breathe as Ezio, a legendary Master Assassin, in his enduring struggle against the powerful Templar Order. Defeating the corrupt tyrants entrenched there will require not only strength, but leadership, as Ezio commands an entire Brotherhood who will rally to his side.

Only by working together can the Assassins defeat their mortal enemies. And for the first time, introducing an award-winning multiplayer layer that allows you to choose from a wide range of unique characters, each with their own signature weapons and assassination techniques, and match your skills against other players from around the world.

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Assassins creed brotherhood game download pc free

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