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American McGee’s Alice (Windows) Game Download – Install Game

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American McGee’s Alice Free Download PC game in a pre-installed direct link. Download the game instantly and play without installing. American McGee’s Alice is a third-person psychological horror action-adventure platform video game released for PC on December 6,


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American McGee’s Alice Free Download PC game in a pre-installed direct link. Download the game instantly and play without installing. American McGee’s Alice is a third-person psychological horror action-adventure platform video game released for PC on December 6,


American mcgees alice pc download free


Genre adventure tpp. Platform PC. Comments There are no comments. Similar games Users also downloaded the following old games. Lawnmower Racing Mania Vivendi Games. Ring: The Legend of the Nibelungen Mindscape. Martian Memorandum Access Software. Very similar to the story of Silent Hill 2, the characters in this universe are a representation of Alice’s emotions, so many of them return as enemies.

Thus, only with the help of the white rabbit and the Cheshire Cat, the heroine embarks on a dangerous mission where violence is the only way to solve the problems. At the beginning of the adventure, Alice must visit 9 provinces, now dystopian versions of the places she used to happily frequent. To finish with their inhabitants, she has several toys modified to serve as weapons, such as dices, cards, or surprise boxes. On the sides of the screen, there are two big bars, one red and the other blue.

The red bar represents the sanity of the protagonist, which will be reduced when Alice is attacked and will kill her when emptied. On the right, the blue bar symbolizes her will, which is necessary to carry out special attacks. Plus that version automatically runs at x But the pool of tears runs at such a low framerate its impossible to play, and very nauseating. I did install an enhanced textures mod, so I will try my backup clean install, but if it isn’t that, does anyone know what I can do to fix it?

I was hoping there would be something like the fix for fallout new vegas where it would let the game use more cores, but I haven’t found anything, most results are for madness returns. Gorbstonk 1 point. A user on patreon named Dr Peixoto made a patch software that can put this game into fullscreen resolution automatically without using the console, this patch also offers graphical improvements for many other games.

You can download it here, follow the instructions to make a unique shortcut for the game to get the program to work. Bhuvi 2 points. Joyceee 1 point. George 1 point. It also fixes the black screen issue when running on Windows Jay 2 points. Xelaric 4 points.

Aqua 4 points. The game is not working at all Windows 7 and Windows 10 – All compatibility modes tested – Install have multiple missing files – Image also damaged. H Liddell 0 point. Pattt 3 points. Anyone having issues with the dialogue not playing for anyone but Alice just move the folder into your programfiles x86 folder.

The only dialogue that works is Alice, and even the sound effects do not work. Downloading the “High quality sounds” did not fix the issue. Sky 0 point. So as soon as I was able to work and buy my own computer I very quickly learned I can buy games online and bought myself a copy of Alice Madness returns on steam!

Thank you for such a wonderful game! My goal now is to be able to play the first Alice. Yamato 0 point. Mox 0 point. David 0 point. Vorpalnose – The “sound” folder should go into the folder in the game directory called “Base”. VorpalNose 0 point. Where exactly do we place the higher quality audio to? Do we place the “sound” folder on the root of the games folder? Phatoume: You don’t need the Madly Enhanced mod or any other mods for it to work properly on Windows 10, just the Windows 10 fix file in the mega.

Phatoume 1 point. This copy of the game has low quality audio for some reason. StealingYourComponents 0 point. Grew up with this game, holds a special place in my heart as it was my very first ‘violent’ videogame. Hell, my father had the original copy when it came in those silly art boxes, I even have the journal that came with the game box detailing Alice’s treatment at Rutledge insane asylum. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes grim twists on childhood fairytales.

The Simstress 1 point. Thank you so much. Thank you! JAcko -1 point. Hatter 4 points. StixsmasterHD: I’d still consider it abandonware because you can’t just buy it, you have to buy the sequel. Plus the version here is the original release version while the sequel is bundled with an HD remaster which some people might not want since remasters usually have things not working properly or change things in a way that not everyone likes.

StixsmasterHD points. I can understand the -1 point on the Raspberry Pi 4 comment but let me explain I’m using Twister OS with a program called box86 that let’s me run x86 wine which let’s me run this game and a ton of others.

Swiftarm 0 point. It almost runs perfectly for me All other audio works just fine. Cedar 1 point. They remove the DRM and make it boot up. You can change your settings at any time, including withdrawing your consent, by using the toggles on the Cookie Policy, or by clicking on the manage consent button at the bottom of the screen.

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