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Can’t get enough of your favorite game Minecraft? Well don’t fret, there are more games like this for you to explore and enjoy! The people in the community have suggested top similar games just for you! The characters in games like minecraft free download pc game somewhat resembles LEGO. The graphic is a bit smoother than Minecraft, and it doesn’t look as “pixelated”.

I personally li ke Minecraft better because of the blockiness though, because it really feels like you’re building something out of blocks. Roblox is great! My family has a variety of devices and we can all access and play Roblox together. In my opinion, the graphics are better than Minecr aft and it is listed kid safe! This game is popular with my colleagues so I gave it a try.

And they were right! It was like the game Minecraft in building a community. My kids love it and I love it, too! Family friendly and can be used on many different platforms! Super entertaining for all! What I liked the most is that this is for all ages. I can play on my own or with my kids, its very family friendly. Also the games are full of adventu re and very fun. Terraria is a 2D action-adventure sandbox game with the objective of digging, exploring, fighting, and building. If you’re like me then you are hard up to find a game like minecraft in this 1st person shooter world.

Terraria delivers on the promise to be a great game similar to minecraft. Ссылка на подробности have never had so much fun in a game and can’t wait to play it with more people. Reminds me of Minecraft with the graphics. I’m already close to building my own city ever since I played this. Terraria is an engrossing adventure game in which you are on a quest for fortune and glory, and to avoid getting killed. Collect gear and weapons on y our path through this Minecraft-style game.

ARK: Survival Evolved is an open world action-adventure survival game set on an island full of dinosaurs and primitive creatures. You can create tribes with other players and even start faction wars.

It was published by Studio Wildcard. I feel like ARK: Survival Evolved is pretty similar to Minecraft but less with an importance placed on building and creating but more based on surviva l. Games like minecraft free download pc is a great game if you are looking for a Minecraft like survival experience filled with other players who are like minded in their need to survive.

I liked this as an games like minecraft free download pc to Minecraft. It required a good amount of imagination and I enjoyed the ability to play with other players. I do wish there was more building involved like in Minecraft, as I enjoy that part of Minecraft. A non-voxel based survival game with a PvP focus and dinosaurs. This game doesn’t have a full voxel system so It is not exactly like minecraft. It has a fleshed out crafting system however and its always online.

The Forest is a terrifying first-person survival horror simulator games like minecraft free download pc which you can be a lone survivor of a passenger jet crash. You will have to survive in a forest full of dangerous cannibals. It also features a co-op mode. I picked up The Forest because i was bored and it looked interesting. To my surprise it reminds me a lot of minecraft in survival, creating and buildi ng items. I would say it’s a survival game that is very under the radar and a gem in a mine.

I would suggest this to anyone of my friends. I recommend this game for people who have strong hearts. Overall, I’m really impressed with the challenges. The graphics are far better than what Minecraft currently has to offer. I also feel that there is more survival in this game than in Minecraft.

The cr eativity seems limited, however, in that I don’t feel there are likely to be as many “building blocks” More. Such a fun game. I highly recommend.

It involves you as умом, download game co tuong offline mien phi cho pc где lone survivor of a passenger jet crash and you battle to stay alive against a society of c annibalistic mutants. Starbound is a multiplayer sandbox action-adventure video game which is set in a two-dimensional universe.

This features story-based missions, and players must explore to obtain new weapons http://replace.me/17167.txt visit towns. I have been looking for another game like Minecraft for quite awhile.

I was instantly drawn into the sandbox style of Starbound. I like the game play because it is mission based. I can forage and create but I also have goals to meet. I’m amazed with the graphics. Compared to Minecraft, there are similarities with the graphics but the challenge in this game is more intense. This is a game I can get lost in for hours. There are different places to explore and I like that I can create my own story that makes this game even more interesting and engaging and most of all fun.

Starbound is a decent substitute for Minecraft. There are a lot of similarities in tasks and game play. The space theme is a welcome games like minecraft free download pc aarus awakening pc download the u sual Minecraft games like minecraft free download pc.

Would you like sci-fi games like minecraft free download pc space themed version of minecraft? Well this is as close as you will get and it’s rather awesome and unique in its own way. Y ou get to explore build and build your characters. If you’re looking for a game that reminds you of Minecraft, then this less than a year old offering looks very promising. Not a ton of Steam reviews, but they’re very positive and there’s enough to pass that bar for me. It’s not cheap like lots of phone Apps, but not a bad price for what looks like lots of diverse kinds of action, meaning that if games like minecraft free download pc not excited about one part, then there will be plenty of others that are likely to keep you interested.

Count me in. I really like this game. It gives me the option to play online with my friends. It also offers thousands of different crafts. Junk Jack is a 2D game that is built off the Minecraft idea. It is a sandbox game that lets you explore, mine and craft. It has been out since Novembe r and is very positively reviewed on Steam. If you like Minecraft then продолжить чтение might be worth a try. Rust is a games like minecraft free download pc game created games like minecraft free download pc Facepunch Studios.

Inspired by games like Minecraft, and other wilderness survival games. Rust aims to create a hostile environment in which emergent gameplay can flourish. I got tired of Minecraft after playing it for so long so I tried to find a similar game.

Eventually I landed on Rust. Rust does have many similarities and feels по этой ссылке it’s something from the same universe. So it’s very easy to get used to.

I enjoyed it tremendously right from the beginning and hoped to get as much play as possible out of it. I will continue playing it long into the future! Survival of the fittest! If you like Minecraft, chances are that you will love Rust. Start off in the stone age and survive however you can, it’s a ga me at it’s addictive best! In Survivalcraft 2, a game developed by Igor Kalicinski for Android and iOS devices, you’ll try to survive on a huge deserted island.

You’ll источник статьи to find resources, build houses games like minecraft free download pc fight against perils. Survivalcraft2 was the answer to my prayers! After I had played hours and hours and hours of Minecraft, I wanted something similar but still different enough to give me a new challenge.

Survivalcraft2 was perfect, and it has given me many more hours of unique playtime! Survivalcraft 2 is a fun game. I spent a few hours on it so for, and it’s definitely an improvement over the original game. Similar game, but also makes itself it’s own thing.



Games like minecraft free download pc. 13 Totally Free Games Like “Minecraft”


Your goal here is to construct the tallest skyscraper that you can. But you will need resources for that, which you can gain from constructing certain types of floors. There are many more games like Minecraft that you can play. But the ones provided on this list are a good starting point for you. These will help you explore and experience sandbox games on PC. So if you want to learn more about these types of games and more, stay tuned here in Games. Growtopia If you only want to play the sandbox gameplay of Minecraft, then Growtopia is a good game to try.

Lokicraft Another great game like Minecraft that you can play is Lokicraft. Block Story Games with stories are also fun to play since it provides you with something to try and complete. With the success that Minecraft achieved and likely will continue to achieve going forward Infiniminer offers a unique insightful experience into the gameplay and design that lit a spark of an idea in Notch for the Minecraft behemoth to be created.

Despite being one of the first to offer such mechanics Infiniminer has lacked significant updates and its current state is far from a polished finished game leaving the c Farm For Your Life is an interesting indie experience that combines zombies, farming, tower defence and even running your own restaurant into a single game experience. All of these gameplay elements are wrapped together into a cute graphical package and an affordable price that encourages gamers of all backgrounds to step into the colourful world.

Lunacraft joins the rapidly growing number of smartphone games that draw inspiration from Minecraft but alter the formula slightly by offering new settings, new mechanics and more importantly a free to play price tag. Designed solely for iOS devices Lunacraft challenges players to survive and thrive in a space environment that encompasses the same premise as other sandbox games focusing on infinite exploration, crafting and random discoveries.

Proteus joins the ranks of other video games that aim to offer an artistic exploration experience rather than traditional gaming. Like others in this gaming niche though it still manages to offer an impressive, immersive and engaging adventure as you explore a randomly generated game world. With no other objective other than to take the time to enjoy your surroundings players can create their own stories from adventuring over hills or finding new unique biomes.

If you enjoy going on exploration With a free price tag Creativerse takes the gameplay of Minecraft and pushes it into a more modern setting for Windows and Mac sandbox gameplay. Starting on Early Access through Steam in late the game was eventually turned into a full release in May and continues to receive game updates, seasonal events and tweaks years later. Despite using the Minecraft template Creativerse seeks to offer more than the original Minecraft experience with your first taste of this being your character c The game is basically one huge construction sandbox that lets you run wild with other players.

On top of the core sandbox gameplay players will also have a wealth of quests and combat to participate in while enjoying the humorous undertones of the game in general. Combat is a mixture of PvE against lawyercats and hipsters and PvP conten Clonk is a series of video games that mix action, strategy and platform gameplay. Some of the games are available for free while some must be purchased. While the games are very enjoyable as a single player experience, they are even more fun with friends and thanks to the large number of multiplayer options it is very easy to connect with other players.

The Clonk series started back in with a simple game and has since been re-released a number of times to now include a collection of over Block Earth is one of the growing number of simple block building games developed off the success of Minecraft. Without a survival element Block Earth is solely a creative gameplay experience which is available on your iOS device with free and paid options.

However, paying players no doubt have a leg up in terms of usability e. FortressCraft Evolved is a Minecraft inspired game that originally launched for the Xbox since discontinued.

FortressCraft was one of the highest grossing indie games on the Xbox Live platform and was released in early The game included a game demo so you can try the game out f If you want a free creative building alternative to Minecraft for your Android or iOS device you might want to consider Worldcraft a mobile game that adopts Minecraft design but adds on a free price tag alongside easy to use multiplayer support.

Survival in single player is particularl Enter a world full of cubes and build your own creations in World of Cubes, a game for iOS free and Windows with multiplayer support for your cube building adventures. Offering a mixture of free and paid entry points World of Cubes allows players to unleash their creativity in the sandbox mode or fight for survival in survival mode to cater to all both sides of the coin.

You control the Sims, smarter and complex characters, that try to fulfill their dreams and ambitions. It was created by the Sims Studio and was released on May 6, I love games that are about building.

Building cities, homes, parks, etc. I have been a Minecraft player for years now and I haven’t tried many o ther games. A friend of mine mentioned the Sims, so I thought I would check it out. This game is highly addicting! I love being able to build my own little world and watch my sims go about their lives. I would definitely recommend this game! Although both games are simulation driven, The Sims focuses on building and creation, where as Minecraft focuses on survival.

Both games are a lot of fun and require thought and skill to play well. I wouldn’t really say this game is that similar to minecraft. It is a great game though. With Block Story, users can build and explore a world where they have ultimate control. Players decide where to go and what to build. They can fly on dragons’ backs and embark on a quest to save the world. This is somewhat similar to Minecraft. I think they look like the same thing but with different characters and the layouts are a little different.

I l ike Minecraft and I like this game as well. The differences aren’t that big so i enjoy playing myself.. When looking for an alternative to Minecraft, Block Story was a perfect solution to the query. It meets the needs and is a great second option for tho se bored with the Minecraft game and want to try something different. It features different modes such as Battle Royale, Cooperative, and Survival. Players can also create their own skin and use in the multiplayer game.

My son loves Minecraft, so I was looking for more games like it for him to try. I discovered Pixel Gun 3D in the google play store and gave it a shot.

He loved it – the graphics, the gameplay, everything. I gave it a try and was really impressed. Pixel Gun 3D is a blast and has kept me involved far longer than many more well-known games. I’ve never played Minecraft, but it appears to have the look don’t remember it being a shooter game, but what do I know? Has pretty good reviews, I’d certainly give it a try out.

Growtopia is a crafting game and sandbox platformer that can be accessed by multi-players. Users can get to build all sorts of things, such as houses, dungeons, songs, artworks, and puzzles. Growtopia is just another Minecraft wannabe, cashing in on the basic structure and visual depth of the similar games that came before.

After a week of having the game installed on my Android, I uninstalled it and moved on with my life, as should everyone else.

Leave this one on the shelf and walk away. Growtopia is a great game if you are looking for a substitute to Minecraft. You can easily get addicted playing this game!

I love this game, it allows me to build and create. The interaction element is brilliant even if it does mean things are stollen from me. I wanted to play Minecraft but I didn’t have money to buy it. I tried out a free version of pretty much the same thing, called Minetest.

This was real ly fun and really great, especially for free! This is the poorest rip off I have seen to date. Cheap and cheesy. Might as well just go play Pac-Man for Pete’s sake. The best app-ever. The creators worked hard and now we can injoy.

Thank you. I am not such a fun of minecraft but I’d like to have my child try this one out. She loves this types of games. Kerbal Space Program is a sandbox science and space simulation video game developed by Squad and published by Private Division. Kerbal Space Program is great for people who love building or finding solutions to problems through creative thinking.

The visual effects are similar to the Minecraft world but you are given clear goals to achieve which makes the game more enjoyable to me. So addicting! It has worldbuilding gameplay a lot like Minecraft, but in a totally different setting. I’m really into space stuff, so this is perfect. This is good for anyone who may be a little burned out on Minecraft.

Epic Inventor , at first glance, looks like a Terraria clone. This totally free game combines role-playing elements with real-time strategy elements and provides an excellent platform to showcase your construction skills.

It lets you build your own cities, robots, turrets, and many other objects and weapons. You can create any of these objects from scratch by mining resources.

Just like Terraria , Epic Inventor focuses on the quests of a lone adventurer. You will have to guide him through forests and plains to collect resources and craft them. You will then have to build your city, turrets, and buildings to defend yourself against spooky creatures and other enemies. You will have lumber mills to generate wood instead of crafting stations. Roblox is an impressive virtual playground that allows players to build objects from colored blocks, interact with online players, and have fun creating their own virtual world.

Roblox offers thousands of building-block games for kids and teens, with various objectives. Players can customize their avatars by changing their attire, clothes, and gear. With Roblox , players can also interact and collaborate with random online players to create impressive structures like a huge fantasy skyscraper or a helicopter. The game has its own virtual currency called Robux, with which you can buy clothing and accessories for your online avatar.

Manic Digger is another free block-building game. This sandbox game was actually a third-party client for the classic version of Minecraft and is now available as a separate game at sourceforge. Manic Diggers ‘s premise is familiar: build buildings and craft objects on a completely destructible terrain. There is a near-infinite number of square blocks to take advantage of.

You will immediately recognize the 8-bit look. Build anything, using resources that lie scattered in the virtual world. The recent night-time update spices things up and offers a beautiful twilight scene. MythRuna offers tough competition to all the free Minecraft -like games mentioned in this list. Combining the procedurally generated 3D world with RPG elements, this game offers a never-before-seen 3D sandbox gameplay experience.

It combines role-playing with crafting elements, i. MythRuna is now available for download. Visit the official site and click on the download link. Question: Which free game that is similar to Mincecraft would you say is the best? Not sure if it’s been mentioned but Trion Worlds have released something similar to Minecraft called “Trove”. It’s a decent game and also free to play. Great coverage of the available games, Brick Force is new to me and I’ve been itching for an FPS for a while, might be worth trying out.

In my opinion, Minetest is the best free Minecraft – like game. Screenshot is outdated, now it looks a lot better. This game has a big advantage over Minecraft – there is no vertical terrain generation limit. Also it has many mods that make it nearly as advanced as MC. But ih has one problem – it lags on almost every computer.

However, Trove is more concerned with being an MMO than a Minecraft clone, with its extensive range of classes designed to facilitate and encourage variation in playstyle. Its employment of loot, bosses and dungeons again draws from the well of RPG tropes to deviate from the conventions of its aesthetic inspiration.

The tagline for Starbound is a pretty good summation of what to expect: “survive, discover, explore, and fight. Exploring the game with friends – whether it’s just to farm, try your hand at space exploration, or create weaponry for quests – is designed to be enjoyable in itself, rather than just a means to an end.

And while it is an open-ended experience, the addition of quests and NPCs imbues the game with contextual purpose, unlike the narrative-free adventuring of Minecraft. The colonists are the core of the gameplay, able to be assigned by you to different roles including guards, farmers and miners, and generally being a lot more clever than your average mumbling Minecraft villager. At its core, Minecraft is all about unleashing creativity and problem-solving.

You need a bed, so you gather the materials, arrange them as needed, and construct a bed. Kerbal Space Program is much the same way. No, you’re not out in the wilderness building massive replicas of famous locales, but you’re using critical thinking skills to help cute cartoon critters survive the harsh reality of space travel.

And, like Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program has been used by teachers in schools as an educational tool. See, games can be fun and educational! However, the game stands apart thanks to its wonderfully gothic aesthetic, which looks like a children’s book fused with H.

Staying nourished has never been so intense, and fire has never been a greater friend. The game drops you into a charming block-based fantasy land being oppressed by an evil cult. To eliminate all those who dare to be creative. As a result, the world is falling to bits, and it is your job to defy the cult and help the people reconstruct their destroyed land.

Building on the decades-long success of the Dragon Quest series, the game differs from its inspiration with the inclusion of a variety of RPG-style quests, as well as familiar series elements such as slimes, quirky dialogue and an enchantingly retro soundtrack by series regular, composer Koichi Sugiyama. The freedom to design and build a castle is just as fun here as it is in Minecraft.


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